Welcome to Euro Ufer srl

Euro Ufer srl is one of the most important first class companies in the sector of fumigation, phytosanitary and pest harvest control of storage products in Romania, specialized in pesticide treatments (fumigation) of cereals, legumes, seeds, wood, vessels, warehouses, silos, and bio treatments as well. Our company uses patented systems and devices for all kind of treatments of stored products and has participated and attended the most important training sessions ,international conferences, congresses and exhibitions in the pest control sector. Our technical department has an extensive experience adding to it a continuous training adapted to the needs and requirements of our customers. Among the services we can provide our clients we include: disinsection, disinfection, deratting, insect monitoring, quarantine and pre-shipment fumigation, degassing issuing Gas Free certificate, neutralizing the residues and providing safety equipments and testers for detecting phosphine, consulting, disinfection of silos, mills, warehouses, vessels, barges, trucks, railcars, processing plants, other facilities, etc. First class companies specialized in production, trading and storage are using our services as: Glencore, Patberg, Cofco, Agrium, Caussade Semences, Goldkern, KWS Semences, Nutrisoya, Transeuropa, Niva Prodcom, mills and farmers facilities. Euro Ufer is the only Romanian member of IMFO (International Maritime Fumigation Organization). IMFO is based in London and includes a network of members, present all over the world and being active in all major ports. Within IMFO, experienced members can assist and solve any problem associated to fumigation around the globe.The IMFO Network of Members and Associates is able to render Port-To-Port services and all customers can rely on unified quality services at origin during voyage and destination ports. However, full Port-to-Port assistance system is conditioned by the presence of IMFO members both ends, loading port and destination port. Please find attached our national and international accreditations.